Prospective Students


(Video auditions will be accepted and all live audition days will follow State and University mandated COVID-19 safety precautions)

  • January 22/23, 2020

  • February 12/13,  2020

  • February 26/27, 2020

What to Prepare

For Undergraduate auditions, please prepare two contrasting works. These can be etudes or contrasting movements/sections from a solo work. Scales up to four sharps and four flats and sight reading may be asked. 

For Graduate students, please prepare a graduate level solo work and 3-5 standard band or orchestral excerpts. 

Recommended Studies-Tuba

  • Marco Bordogni : 43 Bel Canto Studies

  • Concone/Shoemaker Legato Etudes for tuba/bass trombone

  • Clarke Technical Studies

  • Reginald Fink Studies in Legato

  • Vladislav Blazehvich: 70 Tuba Studies Vol I

  • Vladislav Blazehvich: 70 Tuba Studies Vol II

  • C. Kopprash 60 Selected Studies for Tuba

  • H.W. Tyrell 40 Advanced Studies for Tuba

  • Phil Snedecor Low Etudes for Tuba Vol I

  • Phil Snedecor Low(er) Etudes for Tuba Vol II

  • The Brass Gym

  • Michael Davis 20 Minute Warm Up

  • Full Range Major/Minor Scales & Arpeggios

Recommended Studies-Euphonium

  • Rochut Melodius Etudes

  • Concone/Shoemaker Legato Etudes for Trombone

  • Clarke Technical Studies

  • Bousquet 36 Celebrated Studies for Baritone or Trombone

  • Steven Mead New Concert Studies Vol. I

  • Reginald Fink Studies in Legato

  • Vladislav Blazehvich: 70 Tuba Studies Vol I (low register training)

  • C. Kopprash 60 Selected Studies for Trombone Book 1

  • C. Kopprasch 60 Selected Studies for Trombone Book II

  • Voxman Selected Studies for Baritone

  • H.W. Tyrell 40 Progressive Studies for Trombone

  • The Brass Gym

  • Michael Davis 20 Minute Warm Up

  • Full Range Major/Minor Scales & Arpeggios

  • Clef Studies (treble, bass, tenor) Blazevich, Fink etc.

Recommended Graduate Repertoire-Euphonium

  • Cello Suites-JS Bach

  • Fantasia di Concerto-Boccalari

  • Partita-Butterworth

  • Fantasie Originale-Picchi

  • Harlequin-Spark

  • Pantomime-Sparke

  • Soliloquies-John Stevens

  • Concerto-John Stevens

  • Concerto-Philip Wilby

  • Concerto-Jan Bach

  • Euphoria-Derek Bourgeois

  • Concerto-Cosma

  • Symphonic Variants-Curnow

  • Blue Lake Fantasies-Gillingham 

  • Pearls II-Szentpali

Recomended Excerpts-Euphonium

  • Stars & Stripes-Sousa

  • Colonial Song-Grainger

  • Molly on the Shore-Grainger

  • When Jesus Wept-Shuman

  • Festive Overture-Shostakovich/Hunsberger

  • Toccata Marziale-Vaughan Williams

  • Second Suite in F-Holst

  • The Planets-Holst

  • Bydlo-Mussorgsky/Ravel

  • Theme and Variations-Shoenberg

  • Roman Carnival Overture-Berlioz/Godfrey III

  • Pinapple Poll-Sullivan/Mackerras 

  • Ein Heldenleben-Strauss

  • Don Quixote--Strauss

Recommended Solos-Tuba

  • Fantasy for Solo Tuba-Malcolm Arnold

  • Air & Bouree-Arr. William Bell

  • Introduction & Dance-J.E. Barat

  • Andante and Rondo-Capuzzi

  • Sonata No. 1-Marcello Arr. Little

  • Sketches for Tuba & Piano-Martin McFarland

  • Sonata for Tuba-Thomas Beversdorf

  • Concerto for Tuba-Edward Gregson

  • Sonata for Tuba-Walter Hartley

  • Sonata fur Tuba und Klavier-Paul Hindemith

  • Concerto in One Movement-Lebedev

  • Serenade No. 12-Persechetti 

  • Impromptus-Robert Muczynski

Recommended Solos-Euphonium

  • Rhapsody for Euphonium-James Curnow

  • Beautiful Colorado-DeLuca

  • A Walk in the Woods-Jiro Censhu

  • Fantasy Variations-Ito Yasuhide

  • Sonata for Euphonium and Piano-Eric Ewazen

  • Concert Piece-P.V. De La Nux

  • Andante and Rondo-Capuzzi

  • Bassoon Concerto-W.A. Mozart

  • Mirror Lake-Edward Montgomery

  • Sonata for Unaccompanied Euphonium-Clinard

  • Fantasy-Philip Sparke

  • Lyric Suite-Donald White

  • Variations for Ophicleide-Kummer

  • Fantasy Pieces for Euphonium-Derek Bourgeois

  • The Green Hill-Bert Appermont

Recommended Graduate Repertoire-Tuba

  • Concerto-Darrol Barry

  • Reflections on the Mississippi-Daugherty

  • Sonata-DiLorenzo

  • Concerto-Ewazen

  • Concerto-Vaughan Williams

  • Concerto-John Williams

  • Alarum-Gregson

  • Flute Partita in A minor-JS Bach/Tinkham

  • Concerto-Alexandre Arutiunian

  • Concertino-Bozza

  • Three Furies-James Grant

  • Encounters II-Kraft

  • Capriccio-Penderecki

  • Sonatine-Casterede 

  • Concertino-Jan Koetsier 

Recommended Excerpts-Tuba

  • Stars & Stripes-Sousa

  • Toccata Marziale-Vaughan Williams

  • The Planets-Holst

  • Ein Heldenleben-Strauss

  • Ride of the Valkyries-Wagner

  • Die Meistersinger Overture-Wagner

  • Ein Faust Overture-Wagner

  • Symphony No. 5-Prokofiev

  • Hungarian March-Berlioz

  • Symphony No. 1-Mahler

  • Symphony No. 5-Mahler

  • Pertroushka-Stravinsky

  • Fountains of Rome-Resphigi

  • Symphonic Metamorphosis-Hindemith

  • Symphony Fantastique-Berlioz



"Is there a separate application form for School of Music admission?"

Not for undergraduates. Your audition request, along with your application to UK, is your application.
Graduate students require applications to the UK Graduate School, the School of Music Audition/Exam Request, as well as the submission of other materials depending upon the chosen Area of Study.

"When will I get confirmation of my audition time?"

You will receive an email a week or two before your chosen date if you register early, or soon after you fill out the Audition Request Form if you register late.

"Where do I go?"

As your scheduled audition date approaches you will receive an email with details. If you are auditioning at a time other than on one of our listed audition days, please consult with the faculty member who has scheduled your audition. Dr. Hightower's office is #31 on the ground floor of the Fine Arts Building.

"Where can I park?"

Most “E” lots are unregulated on Saturdays, but you should read the restrictions posted at the entrance to any parking lot. Be prepared to park a block or more from your audition venue. The Singletary Center has a drop-off entrance on Rose Street. For the Fine Arts building, use the lower level entrance on Patterson Drive. Parking structure #5 is close to our facilities. Although you will have to pay to park here it may be easier than trying to find an available spot. Allow plenty of time to find parking. Visitor parking information and maps are available from UK Parking.

"Can I get a campus tour while I'm there?"

Information sessions and campus tours should be arranged through the UK Visitors Center, and College of Fine Arts tours. 

"When will I know the results of my audition?"

You will receive notification by mail from the School of Music after all prospective students in your area of specialty have been heard. Auditions are completed in early March, with notices being sent a few weeks after.

"When will I know if I will be offered a Music scholarship?"

You will hear from us about your acceptance into the School of Music before you hear about scholarships. Scholarships are competitive, so we need to have heard all prospective students before making final decisions. For new students, scholarship decisions will be made by no later than April 15.

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