Step 1

Apply to the University of Kentucky. When you select “Music Major” in your UK Admissions Application, you will be classified as “Pre-Music” pending the results of your audition (Step 2). Try to apply for UK admission prior to February 1. Acceptance into School of Music programs is contingent upon acceptance by the UK Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Step 2

Apply for a School of Music audition. The audition will determine your acceptance into the School of Music programs.
An audition is REQUIRED for all prospective Music Majors or Minors.

If you do not pass your audition, or otherwise decide not to be a Music major or Minor, contact UK Admissions to change your major. You will not be able to take courses intended for music majors or minors until you have passed your Music audition.

Selecting an Audition Date

If you audition after our regularly scheduled audition dates, you may not be able to compete for certain scholarship opportunities, and some programs you want may be filled to capacity. Also, the audition process is competitive -- if you should choose to arrange your audition before these dates, a decision on your acceptance may or may not be delayed until after students have been heard on the regular dates.

In certain circumstances, auditions may be scheduled at other times by direct arrangement with our faculty at their discretion. If you are admitted as a Music major or Minor you will automatically be considered for any School of Music scholarships or grants for which you are eligible. For other financial aid, including merit scholarships, grants, work-study, loans, etc., see the UK Office of Student Financial Aid.

Transfer students: You must obtain a letter of release from your current institution before you can be considered for a scholarship at the University of Kentucky School of Music.


Step 1

Apply to the University of Kentucky Graduate School. You must apply to the UK Graduate School before proceeding with your School of Music application.

Step 2

Schedule a School of Music Entrance Exam in music theory (aural and written) and music history. If you are seeking a performance degree you must also schedule an Audition. Auditions and Entrance Exams are offered on the same dates. If applying for the fall semester, you should take the exams early and complete your application by March 15.

Register for an entrance exam and (if applicable) audition.

Step 3

Attend your School of Music Entrance Exam and (if applicable) Audition.